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Wellness in the Workplace

Pamper Your Soul’s massage and reflexology services are a great way to promote wellness in the workplace.

Wellness programs are linked to many benefits such as greater productivity, less absenteeism, better morale, less visits to the doctor’s office, and much more.

That’s why our services include two of the most effective stress relieving services in the wellness industry.

Yep, that’s it. But read on…


From Clues to Cues

What makes us stand out, from other chair massage and reflexology providers, is the way we pay attention to the types of clues our clients provide (posture, movement, engagement, etc.) — even before we start with any treatment.

Once we begin the treatment, we continue to look, feel and listen to the variety of bodily responses, such as breathing, temperature, reflexes, posture, tension, etc. These responses become our cue to adjust the combination of massage and reflexology techniques, as required, to suit each client’s unique situation.

Elementary, my dear Watson.


Wellness at the core

Did we mention certifications, such as the ones below, run through the Pamper Your Soul blood?

  • International Sports and Science Association/ Certified Fitness Trainer/ CFT
  • Crossfit level 1 Coach
  • American Taekwondo Association/ Fitness Instructor

We’re pretty hardcore when it comes to wellness.


Workplace Wellness +

In addition to workplace wellness programs, we also extend our services in a variety of ways such as marketing events, shows, golf tournaments, and other promotional functions. Feel free to read up on our Corporate Events .