11 Mar 2015
March 11, 2015

Let me introduce myself…

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Hi Everyone!! I thought maybe I should introduce myself to you…My name is Donna, Michelle has welcomed me to the Pamper Your Soul team as her new blog writer.

I have been writing for most of my life and I have had a personal blog for many years now. I am honored that Michelle has chosen me to write for her!! So a little background on who I am, I have worked in a local garden centre here on the North Island for 11 years. I have recently taken a year long Web Design Course and have been designing my heart out in the off season from the Garden Centre.

I have learned in the last year and a half that both jobs can take a toll on my body. The garden centre in a good athletic way, that makes me want a massage. The Web Designing in a sit down for too long way…that also makes me want a massage.

I have discovered, when I am sitting at my desk thoroughly involved in some horrible coding dilemma or designing a fabulous page, that I forget to get up and move around. It is really important to get up at least once an hour when you have a job that you sit at for long periods of time. I learned the hard way when I was in school and had more homework than could possibly be done in the time allotted. Not only did I gain 20 pounds, but my body rebelled in ways I had never imagined. Sitting at a desk is definitely the harder of the two jobs. (Check out our first post on sitting!)

So over time I have found, that like everyone…I need balance in my life. I need to look after myself. Eat properly. Exercise…and that doesn’t mean running downstairs to put the wash in the dryer. I am talking about getting outside, breathing fresh air and moving around. I love being out in nature, walking and taking pictures. You can easily sneak some exercise in during your busy work day as well, take the stairs, take a walk at lunch, park a little bit farther away than you normally would and walk to and from work.

And fast food. Hard work is no excuse to eat badly because you don’t have time to make healthy food. Your brain, as I learned throughout the school process, doesn’t function when you feed it crap. I think there is a saying that goes, healthy body, healthy mind…or something like that. If there isn’t, I just made it up, and it is totally true. Everything works better when you eat well. Take time to feed your body…the process of making good food is good for your soul. Really it is.

Relax…it is really important that you take some time every single day to just enjoy…life. Feeling good means really feeling, being in the moment and doing something special for yourself. Even something small.

Mobile chair massage is a fantastic way to fit this tiny bit of happiness and well being into your life and workplace. Whether you are the boss or an employee, think of how fabulous it would be to take 10, 15 or 20 minutes out of your crazy schedule for a wellness day. There is nothing better than a massage to make you feel special, and appreciated. “Unleash the benefits”!