09 Jun 2015
June 9, 2015

Headache Relief…

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I have been the lucky recipient of migraine headaches since I was a teenager. My Mom has also had migraines her whole life, as has my oldest son.

I have learned over the years that every migraine is different, what works for one, may absolutely not work for another one. Finally after years of suffering, I broke down and now have a prescription from my doctor for a pill that will 99% of the time, in about a half an hour relieve my agony.

The problem with this is…a) I can pretty much guarantee you that you shouldn’t take these all that often and b) They are $20 a pill. I may add here, that I am not a billionaire.

In the last year, as I have tried to be a real grown up because I am now 50, I have also decided to be proactive. I want to participate in my health. I have started running, spinning, lifting weights, drinking insane amounts of water and eating properly (with the exception of Oh Henry bars…a girl needs chocolate for sanity). I have also been getting a monthly massage.

All of these things seem to have cut my headaches down to less than one every two months or so. If anyone tells you movement and water are the answers, they are right. Hug them and tell them thank you.

Relaxation has also been a part of my new plan. I absolutely love going for a drive on the logging road, taking pictures and being away from the world. It takes me to a place that nowhere else can, throw in a lake and some sunshine and I am a happy girl.

I am amazed in the difference with how much more energy I have for my spring job at the garden center. I come home and will still feel like going for a run. Not every single day, but more than not I exercise after work. If nothing else just for the stress relief it gives me. Who knew? I also faithfully book my massage for the end of the month, not only am I lucky enough to be able to have an hour and a half of pure bliss, but I have it to look forward to every single day for the month before it actually happens.

I highly recommend getting outside, moving around…being good to yourself and the lovely body you have been given to live this life in. The difference in having a life with little stress and lots of activity keeps amazing me every day.

Stress is a major factor in today’s society. Our bodies are made to take regular breaks and recharge, but we often push beyond healthy boundaries. We invite you to have us come in and treat your staff to a wellness day to experience the wonderful benefits of chair massage!